Are you also obliged by enviromental rules to carry out accredited emission measurings at stationary air polluting stacks?
Has a new sack been set up, which involves the obligation emission measuring? Has the time period of 1, 2 or 5 years been over at your operating stacks and you have to justify the control of emission with a periodic measuring?
If you have such or similar problems we want to pay your attention to the services of FETILEV Ltd.
Our limited company was accredited in 2007 by the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority. Registration number: NAH-1-1537/2015

We are at your disposal the following services:

Stationary source emissions (emission measurement)
  • measuring of the stack gas (boiler, gas-engine, gas turbine, stack gas monitoring of thermal technology and O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, CnHm continuous measurement of stack gas)
  • measuring of dust (isocinetic sampling and determination of the mass of the concentration of dust)
  • mesuring of organic and inorganic materials (volatile organic compound (VOC), acid, alkali, metals) sampling and determination of concentration
  • measuring and determination of volume flow
  • estimation and interpretation of the measuring results

The measurings are carried out with standard methods, our system of quality assurance is operated according to the standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.



   Company name:


23 Tünde street, 4405 Nyíregyháza, Hungary
   Telephone/fax: 0036/42/310497

Csatári Zsolt manager, quality manager

Telephone: 0036/703406128



   Web: www.fetilev.hu


Company information:

   Full name:

FETILEV Upper-Tisza-Regional Air Analytical Ltd.

   Short name:
   Address: 48 Mórizs Zsigmond street, 4400 Nyíregyháza, Hungary
   Entiled representatives:

Balogh László manager

Csatári Zsolt manager, quality manager

   Tax number:


   Trade register: 15-09-071230
   Bank account number: K&H 10404405-49575754-53531010
FETILEV Felső-Tisza-vidéki Levegőanalitikai Kft. Nyíregyháza
4405 Nyíregyháza, Tünde u. 23.
(Nyír-Glas Kft. Üvegcentrum melletti irodaház.
FIGYELEM! Az épületre 13/b van kiírva!)
Telefon/fax: +36 (42) 310-497
Balogh László ügyvezető, műszaki vezető
+36 (70) 340-6129
Csatári Zsolt ügyvezető, minőségirányítási vezető
+36 (70) 340-6128
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